VAHO Youth Christmas Party

This has been rescheduled for the 17th due to snow on the 10th!!!

4pm - December 17th @ The Lancasters (see email for address)

We will be playing White Elephant so bring a 'gift' no more than a $7.64 value!

Wear an ugly Christmas sweater!

Invite friends to this! This is a great outreach opportunity for youth in the Valley! (There will be a Church-Wide Christmas party at 4:30 at the Black Mountain Home for Children, so this is kind of like a VIP After Party for the Youth... Also if your youth needs a ride from the Church party to the Youth Party, or from Youth Group to home let me know and I can make it happen!)

How you can help:
1. Snack/ deserts/ drinks (anything Christmasy)
2. Prayers for Youth to feel welcomed & part of something & that they would see and feel the value of God in their lives through the relationships built
3. Inviting other youth AND families to be part of our Church Family—sharing what we have in Christ especially around this season when so many other messages are pulling at people


Discipleship/ Prayer Requests
If your youth has any prayer requests or wants to meet at any point, feel free to shoot me an email or text! I'd love to meet for coffee (decaf upon necessity) or ice cream (sugar-free upon necessity) if any would be interested!
----For more updates and reminders find us on Instagram @valleyhopeyouth !
Sunday Follow Up
I want to continue to fill you in more often about what we are learning in our youth gatherings so that you can apply these principles in their lives in a way that no youth worker could do in 1-2 hours a week. As 98% of their spiritual formation comes from the home, you all are on the front lines. Two Sunday's ago we talked about our personal need for "Something Good to Eat" in terms of our faith and the need to give our friends "Something Good to Eat". (i.e. Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to eat). Be encouraging discussions about the importance of dwelling on the Scriptures in their lives and inviting friends to be apart of that! We are called to grow inwardly in our faith but also to spread the Good News outwardly!