There is a high need for someone to take on the role of clothing closet coordinator.  This position is not a significant time demand but it is very much needed.  Owen Middle School often has children who come to school with inadequate clothing so there is a clothing closet in the school with donations from the community.  Often, they will run low/out of clothes in a specific category (i.e. girl's pants or boy's shirts).  Also, as the closet is used and as new donations come in, it becomes disorganized.  The coordinator's role would include checking in on the closet once a week before or after service to see if there are clothing needs.  Also, they would determine if the closet has become disorganized to the point that it needs to be reorganized.  (Maybe 2-3 times a year it would need to be reorganized) Anytime there is a need (whether for more clothing or for organization), the coordinator would send an email requesting help.  The coordinator would act as a liason between the school and whatever groups help actually do the organization (likely VH small groups) and oversee the work done.  This person would literally be making sure that needy children have clothing.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are willing to fill this vital role in making sure these children are cared for.